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Our company produces the barrels for the wine and cognac from the oak, what is growing in Karabakh, and also it produces the barrels from the mulberry-tree for the local wine-makers, in where the mulberry vodka, the specific national drink, is kept age.
The activity of our company began from producing of cooper stave, what is in great demand in the world market. But before this the searching works in the forests of Karabakh were done with the purpose to find out the volume of oak, what is suitable for the producing of cooper stave. The special literature about wine-making is witnessing that the Karabakh oak is one of the best material for the producing of wine and cognac barrels. Also our ancestors told that in the beginning of 20 century the French businessmen were preparing here the materials for producing of barrels. As the matter of fact, our first contract for the stave delivering we signed with the French firm "Seguin Moreau". And, in spite of proposals from other French and American companies we continued to collaborate with them. In this company our expert-coopers were studying, and also the special cooper equipment was bought there. Till nowadays we have close relations with Pierre Laporte, the expert with thirty years standing from France who is continuing to pass his long terms experience to our young specialists. During the work of our company, our barrels carried to new level of quantity, what allows them to be competitive in the world market.

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