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The mechanical qualities of wood and the propriety forms of trunks are the main criteria to value the producing of the stave.

For the producing of cooper the trunk has been cut in pieces to the length of stave, and then it is split lengthwise to the center for getting the quarters. After that the radial cut is made that the rays would be parallel to the width of the stave. That's why the rays are perpendicular to the diffusion fluid through the walls of the ready barrel what excludes the lost

Humidity index of wood (for the cooper stave it must be 12-15 %) is very essential parameter what guaranties the stability of tun's assembling from stave, but not the only making control the readiness of wood to the production. During the drying process in open air for 15-24 months the changes of physic-chemical composition are happening, what promote its maturing and readiness for producing the barrels.

The initial treatment of the stave

The treatment of the stave is carried out in up-to-date high technological machines, for giving it the necessary forms and measures. This specialized cooper equipment allows us to produce the barrels with high accuracy.


The burning represents very important process what includes two stages: compression and burning. The heating is carried out on open air with the periodical humidity. This process lasts for relatively long time: 20-30 minutes because its bend can be fulfilled only in case if the whole wooden mass is heated. Then the compression of the frame is carried out. The special attention we pay to the burning. The process lasts from 5-15 minutes depending on the kind of burning. The burning is done on the special braziers with the oak wastes.

Final assembling, testing and treatment

After the burning on the machine the chime is stretched, the hole is drilled, and the bottoms are installed. The assembled barrel is oppressed by pulverization, polished and then packed in packet

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